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When shipping heavy goods such as large machinery, it's crucial to ensure the cargo is securely fixed to the deck with lashing and pad eyes.

D&D Fabrications securely weld heavy goods and machinery to the holds of the ship, ensuring they remain stable during transit. Once the ship arrives at its destination the goods can be safely removed, ready for delivery.

When the ship arrives in with the heavy goods and machinery in place the lashings have to be removed and the deck cleaned up, D & D Fabrications can travel to any dock in the North West to carry out this work, burning the pad eyes off and cleaning up the deck ready for the ship to be used again.

We can also undertake all manner of ship repairs including:

  • Pipework
  • Weld doubling/insert plates to damaged cargo holds
  • Tank repairs
  • Ladder repairs
  • Hatch wheel repairs
  • Gangway repairs

...and much more

We were recently commissioned to install lashings for a WW2 Landcraft LCT Landfall. The ship required a strong, durable lashing mechanism that would allow the 70 year old vessel to be moved from Birkenhead to Portsmouth Naval Dockyard to be restored.

With more 35 years' experience in structural steelwork, we're able to quickly identify a safe, efficient, cost-effective solution for your needs.

All work is completed to a professional standard in compliance with Health and Safety regulations for our clients' peace of mind.

If you're based in the shipping industry and need a reliable steel repair specialist, why not give D&D Fabrications a call to find out how we can help?